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Toronto International Workshop CHARRETTE 2014


George Brown College’s Institute Without Boundaries
February  20-24, 2014

-George Brown College’s Institute without Boundaries IwB |Toronto,Canada 
-Advanced .Digital Design  ADD| Toronto,Canada 
-Architectural Technology AT |Toronto,Canada 
-StudioLab, and Design Management Copenhagen School of Design & -Technology 
 KEA |Copenhangen| Denmark 
-Dublin Institute of Technology DIT |Dublin, Irish Republic 
-École de Communication Visuelle ECV |Paris, France  
-Illinois Institute of Technology | Chicago, USA 
-Parsons DESIS Lab | New York, USA

-School of Civil Architecture|
Politecnico di Milano| Italy
Docente Advisor Raffaella Colombo

An interdisciplinary charrette at the IwB, George Brown College.
This annual event brings together about 200 students and faculty from schools in Canada and around the world. Teams made up of students, faculty and external advisors will conduct research and propose solutions for responsive building typologies. The teams will present their projects to a panel of faculty, industry and government representatives. Results will be featured in a final publication at the IwB.

The charrette challenge will be to create design solutions for responsive
buildings that will be durable, affordable, flexible, efficient, intelligent and sustainable.
The Responsive Buildings Charrette will look at four different typological conditions in Toronto: Neighbourhoods, Transit Nodes, Preservation Districts, and Industrial District. The goal is to explore how these typologies can be re-imagined to create new mixed use environments that are replicate across the region. The four typologies will be looked at to imagine their evolutionary potential. Specifically, teams will considering how they address the needs of urban residents in 2015 and 20 years later in 2035

Raffaella Colombo

Italian Students and Raffaella Colombo

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